January 24, 2020 by dart

WRF-DART tutorial



The WRF-DART tutorial steps through a WRF-DART experiment. The experiment covers the continental United States and uses a 50 member ensemble initialized from NCEP’s Global Forecast System (GFS) initial conditions at 2017/04/27 00:00 UTC. The data included in the tutorial covers up to 2017/04/30 18:00 UTC. During this period, there was a strong rain and wind event that affected a large portion of the United States, causing record rains, localized flooding, and numerous tornadoes. For more information on the physical account of this case, see weather.gov.


The WRF-DART tutorial is bundled with DART. Instructions for downloading DART can be found in the documentation.

To navigate to the WRF-DART tutorial:

cd DART/models/wrf/tutorial

If this is your first time using DART, DAReS staff recommend working through the DART tutorial before trying WRF-DART.