March 23, 2022 by dart

CLM5-DART Tutorial


The CLM5-DART tutorial provides a detailed description of the download, setup, executation and diagnostic steps required for a simple global assimilation run using CLM5. It is intended to be performed after the completion of the more general DART tutorial which covers the fundamental concepts of the Ensemble Kalman Filter used within DART. This tutorial provides fundamental concepts unique to a CLM assimilation, and offers some guidance to set up a custom CLM assimilation to suite the user’s own research needs.

The CLM5-DART tutorial is bundled with DART. Instructions for downloading DART can be found in the documentation.

To navigate to the tutorial within the DART code:

cd DART/models/clm/tutorial

To view the CLM5-DART tutorial from the web you can navigate directly here.

If this is your first time using DART, we recommend working through the DART tutorial before trying CLM5-DART.