DART has been developed since the early 2000’s. There have been nine major releases of DART, each denoted by the name of an island. The releases began with the Easter release on April 9, 2004 and continued with Fiji, Guam, Hawaii, Iceland, Jamaica, Kodiak and Lanai.

The current release of DART is the Manhattan release. It is available for download via GitHub. All previous releases of DART are also available by checking out a tagged commit. If you are a new user, DAReS staff strongly recommend using the Manhattan version. The DART documentation can be viewed online at

DART also provides a framework for developing, testing, and distributing advances in ensemble DA to a broad community of users by handling the implementation details common to data assimilation methods. DART can be used with external forward operators such as those provided in NOAA’s Gridpoint Statistical Interpolation System.