NCAR’s Data Assimilation Research Section - DAReS

The NCAR Data Assimilation Initiative was founded to create and to then lead a research community for data assimilation where individuals benefit from sharing ideas, methodologies, and software tools as well as access to a data assimilation testbed. NCAR has a large number of researchers for whom data assimilation is an essential part of their ongoing or planned research. New developments in theoretical data assimilation and in software engineering are making collaborations between data assimilation experts, modelers, observational specialists and statisticians easier and more productive than was possible in the past. The maturation of the Initiative resulted in the Data Assimilation Research Section (DAReS). The primary goal of DAReS is to continue to advance the theory and practice of ensemble data assimilation. Also, DAReS accelerates the progress of many other NCAR projects by providing a centralized data assimilation expertise which can be coordinated with existing observational and modeling expertise.

group photo from left to right: Kevin Raeder, Glen Romine, Jeff Anderson,\ Nancy Collins, Tim Hoar Jonathan Hendricks, and Moha El Gharamti.\ This is an old photo and does not show all of us\!

Our small group is comprised of experts in software design, algorithm development, large-model implementation and execution, observations and observation operators, and hardware/software portability. We have given many presentations on DART - our software facility for ensemble data assimilation, and have held several workshops for young researchers interested in DA.

Our central email address is, which will hit ‘everyone’ and find its way to the best person. The categories that follow are not set in stone, everyone has some expertise in all areas.

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